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Sizing Guidelines

SAS Enterprise Session Monitor Server should, where possible, be installed onto a machine that is not a machine that you wish to observe. There are two main reasons for this:

  1. We don't want the processes of the observability tool's database or user interface to impact the performance of the application that we are trying to monitor
  2. If the machine on which we have installed the Server component becomes unavailable because of major instabilities in the platform, the user interface of SAS Enterprise Session Monitor will also likely be unavailable

When sizing the machine that is going to host the SAS Enterprise Session Monitor server component the two most important things to consider are:

  • how many hosts will be monitored by the Server
  • how many users will be using the SAS Enterprise Session Monitor user interface

Use the table below to determine the setting that you should select when installing the SAS Enterprise Session monitor server component.

Environment Size Recommended Sizing
Fewer than 50 servers and
Fewer than 10 users
small 4 vCPUs
250 GB disk
Between 50 and 100 servers or
More than 10 but fewer than 50 users
medium 8 vCPUs
500 GB disk
More than 100 servers or
More than 50 users
large 8 vCPUs
1 TB disk

Regardless of the size of the environment that you select at installation time, these values can be easily updated at a later stage should your use of SAS Environment Manager change.

For reference, the following configurations setting values are set depending on the size value selected during the installation wizard:


Setting Small Medium Large
shared_buffers 1 GB 4 GB 8 GB
effective_cache_size 4 GB 12 GB 24 GB
maintenance_work_mem 1 GB 1 GB 2 GB
max_wal_size 2 GB 4GB 8 GB


Setting Small Medium Large
-Xms 4g 12g 24g
-Xmx 4g 12g 24g

Last update: April 24, 2023
Created: June 4, 2020