Server on Kubernetes


The following steps assume that you have the Kubectl command installed on the machine from where you are performing the installation and that your KUBECONFIG environment variable is correctly set for your target Kubernetes cluster.

Kubernetes Namepsaces

Where you see in the below instructions should be replaced with the value of the namespace within which you want to deploy the Enterprise Session Monitor Server. This could be the same namespace as your SAS® Viya deployment, or another namespace.

Data loss

Completing the below steps may lead to a loss of the data collected by you SAS Enterprise Session Monitor server.

  1. Remove the Enterprise Session Monitor Ingress: kubectl delete ingress sas-enterprise-session-monitor-server -n <NAMESPACE>
  2. Remove the Enterprise Session Monitor Service: kubectl delete svc sas-enterprise-session-monitor-server -n <NAMESPACE>
  3. Remove the Enterprise Session Monitor Deployment: kubectl delete deployment sas-enterprise-session-monitor-server -n <NAMESPACE>

Last update: July 20, 2023
Created: April 24, 2023