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Enabling the sas-cas-mon module delivers significantly enhanced observability into SAS® specific analytic workloads running on SAS CAS.

Configuration Options

Setting Sub-Setting Type Description
logDirectories list of strings The path(s) in which the module should look for CAS logs.
logScanFrequency int The amount of time between iterating over all of the log directories specified in logDirectories.
logMaxAge int The age (in seconds) after which logs files won't be read.
ignoreActionSets list of strings
ignoredActions table strings
ignoredActions sssion strings
ignoredActions search strings
groupActionsShorterThan int Unused
actionGroupMaxSize int Unused. The number of actions after which the cache will be flushed
parseOnFirstPass boolean Sets whether or not the module should read contents of applicable log files when they are first read.
traceWrite boolean Used to debug the writting of events.
offsetFileLocation string The full path to the folder that is use to store the offset files for read log files.
viyaVersion int Viya 3.4 or Viya 3.5
moduleLogLevel string The level of the logging. Default = INFO
moduleLogSizeLimit int The max size of the module log before it is rolled.
moduleThresholds dict Used for debugging. Sets thresholds on what we find in the logs to drive additional logging.
moduleLogTrace boolean
pcstatLocation string The path for the pcstat executeable. Leave this as ./pcstat.
findLocation string Path to the find executeable on the system
casFs string The location of the casess file system on the server. Normally /cas
fsScanFrequency int The frequency for reporting CAS Cache metrics in seconds
measureCasCache boolean Enable or disable the CAS Cache measurement functionality.

Running the module

To control the module, use systemctl as either root or using sudo:

systemctl start sas-cas-mon
systemctl stop sas-cas-mon
systemctl restart sas-cas-mon
systemctl status sas-cas-mon

If the module fails to start check the ESM agent logs folder for a file called sas-cas-mon_nohup.log. This file will contain information about the cause of the failure. If the module starts successfully, you can check the logs folder for a file called mod-sas-cas-mon.log which will contain logging information from the module.


The logs for the module can be found in esm-agent/logs. There are two files files:

  • sas-cas-mon_nohup.log - If the module fails to start or stops running unexpectedly, this is the file where you can investigate the cause. This information will be particularly helpful for SAS Technical Support.
  • mod-sas-cas-mon.log - The main log file for the module.

Last update: April 24, 2023
Created: April 24, 2023