Update the License

If your license has expired

If you Enterprise Session Monitor license has expired you will be presented with the License key dialog when you access the UI of the application. In this scenario, you can skip to step 4 of the steps below.

  1. From a supported browser open http://esmserver:18080/esm/. Replacing esmserver for either the hostname or IP address of the machine where you installed the Server.
  2. The application will load and you will be presented with a login dialog. Enter the credentials used in step 7 of the installation process.
  3. After successfully logging in, from the main menu on the left, select "Admin Settings" ( icon).
  4. Open the Product License tab. A page will be displayed with two options for updating your license:
    1. If you have the license file, you can browse to the file using the "Choose File" button, and then clicking Renew
    2. If you have a license key string, you can paste the value into the "Insert Key" field, and the click Renew.
  5. If the license key is accepted, the details of the key will be shown and a "Refresh" button will appear at the bottom of the dialog. Click Refresh.

Last update: April 24, 2023
Created: April 24, 2023