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ESM Administation Guide

Welcome to the ESM 2020 Administration Guide. The purpose of this documentation is to provide the administator of ESM with all of the resources that they will need to install, configure, and run ESM on a day-to-day basis.

What's new in Administration of ESM

Generally the administration of Enterprise Session Monitor 2020 is the same as Enterprise Session Monitor 2019.6 and even prior releases. However, this guide has tried to evolve into a more useable resource for ESM administrators:

  • Consolidated and updated installation guides for both Windows and Unix platforms.
  • Separate "Debugging" section to provide clearer guidance on how to resolve common problems
  • Separate section to provide clearer instructions on performing common ESM administration actions in ESM 2020.
  • New Advanced Topics section providing information and instructions on more complex ESM administration tasks that may not need to be completed by all.