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This document is intended as a quick reference which attempts to explain the ESM's basic mechanisms of operation. It is referenced by the installation and configuration documentation. Any users looking to install, configure, or administer the ESM application should read this document first.

What ESM does

Enterprise Session Monitor (ESM) for SAS keeps an eye on the server-side operation and performance of a modern client/server based SAS environment. By giving users of the the environment full visibility of server activity, it helps everyone concerned better understand the system's capacity, relative day-to-day performance and the impact of individual users' actions on the overall performance.

How to access ESM

The ESM interface is a thin-client web application which requires no desktop components to be installed. Once ESM is deployed and configured, your Administrator should send you with a link which will let you access ESM via your web browser. The URL may contain a port number at the end, and look something like this:

Opening the URL the Browser will load the ESM web interface. It is recommended that you use a reasonably recent version of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 is supported but not advised.