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SAS Enterprise Session Monitor Troubleshooting

SAS OLAP Server for Windows platforms

The SAS OLAP Server on the Windows Platform is unable to source the variables defined in esmconfig.bat, as it does not source the appservercontext_env_usermods script. As a workaround, the ESMACTIVE macro variable value is set manually in the OLAP Server file. If you are intending to use the ESMACTIVE environment variable to turn off SAS Enterprise Session Monitor monitoring for a Windows environment, you will also need to independently change the ESMACTIVE variable in the OLAP Server's local configuration file.

Pooled Workspace or Stored Process Servers TK Kernel Errors

These errors can occur when the incorrect path to a Request Initialisation or Session Initialisation program is configured in SAS Metadata, or if the sassrv process can not read the file. If this error appears, check the .sas files configured in SAS Metadata exist and are readable by the sassrv user. More information about the setting in question can be found under the Metadata Configuration Changes section of this document.

Batch Server Logfile Tracking and logconfig.xml configuration

Metadata configured logfile pattern
Logfile pattern configured under Metadata

If your SAS DATA Step Batch Server configuration uses the server context logconfig.xml file to specify the logfile filename pattern rather than having it specified in the Batch Server Metadata definition (i.e. when your environment is configured for APM), some additional steps will be required in order to fully integrate the Batch Server with the logfile tracking functionality of SAS Enterprise Session Monitor.

The SAS Enterprise Session Monitor integration macros rely on the SAS System Options to ascertain the name of the logfile that a SAS job is writing to. The Rolling Log Options filename pattern defined in Metadata dictates the -log parameter value that is passed to the Batch Job process at runtime, which in turn sets the LOG SAS option for that process. Without this option available, and with no other way for a Macro to ascertain the exact name of the logfile from inside the SAS session and the full name of the logfile needs to be reconstructed during initialisation using some DATA Step code.

Metadata configured logfile pattern
Logfile pattern configured under logconfig.xml

This can be done by adding the following environment variable (and value) in either your or sasbatch_usermods.bat: