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Released 24 April 2023


  • Alerting - details
  • New "running during" timespan when searching for Sessions and Jobs
  • Ability to name the applicaton tab in the browser - details
  • Support for rotating log files
  • Unrestricted navigation in the session view
  • Ability to upgrade a Posix agent with a backup of key files
  • New Windows Infrastructure and Session auto-discovery templates for process auto-discovery


  • The application now uses Java 11 as its Java Runtime Environment
  • The theme of the application to match the SAS application guidelines
  • Improve partitioning performance by upgrading pg_partman to version 4.7
  • Improve database space use by running vacuums on default table partitions
  • Deprecate "environment version" from Agent settings
  • Performance issues on Event search when there are many events
  • Fixed an issue which prevented duration from being shown when searching for SAS procedure execution
  • Better Pooled Workpsace Server discovery for SAS 9 platforms
  • Resolved an issue which prevented overriding of ESMSESSION type when the session was a Workspace Server.
  • Fixed an incorrectly labelled field of "Agent" port in the Windows Agent installer


There are no specific security updates in this release but many of the application's dependencies have been updated.

Last update: April 24, 2023
Created: April 24, 2023